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Presentazione Gelato in Festa

Marilisa Michieletto, vice president of Confcommercio Belluno and event supporter, said that “gelato is an excellence of Belluno province recognised worldwide. I even found it made by gelato makers from Zoldo in Shanghai, Bruxelles and New york. This excellence have to be fully promoted. I hope “Gelato in Festa” could be an engine of growth for this field.”

Longarone Fiere Dolomiti  president Gian Angelo Bellati highlighted the importance of the cooperation with “Gelato in Festa” to achieve common purpose. “During this event it is important to reaffirm the importance of dialogue with nearby areas like Austria, Germany and in particular Bavaria. We have to safeguard, also with this initiative, the fact that here there is the heart of history, feeling and people related with gelato.

Than Pro Loco Longarone president Roberto Sant talked about a news: “by popular demand, this year there is a “Strange Taste”  display case made by Master gelato makers. The proceeds will be donated by Welfare Founds of Belluno to the areas damaged by Vaia Storm.

Next weekend in Longarone exhibition centre will take place the fourth edition of Woman Art, an exhibition of modern and contemporary art about woman. The Arte in Fiera Dolomiti art director Franco Fonzo said that this year the Exhibition “starts one month before to, in Longarone all July weekends. It is not an easy month to involve artists but from the beginning several artists endorsed. This shows how much Longarone is appreciated and esteemed, also at International level. Artists from Iran, Austria, Germany and Slovenia will participate with some big names.

Cristiano Gaggion, representative of Confartigianato Imprese Belluno, and Italo d’Incà, representative Confagricoltura Belluno, express their cooperation for future events and fairs, because it has a crucial role for territory and economy provincial development. In particular at the beginning of October with Dolomiti Show, Expo Dolomiti Outdoor – the trade fair four mountain tourism and mountain sports, and Expo Dolomiti HoReCa – mountain hospitality and restaurant trade fair.




At the eleventh edition of Gelato in Festa you can find Marco Valletta show cooking, Master Matteo Zanette fruit carving and fourteen gelato parlours.

the eleventh edition of “Gelato in Festa” at Longarone Fiere is the proof that Longarone is the Gelato City. To promote artisan gelato this year will also participate Master gelato makers with old equipment s and the magic of the salt and ice eutectic blend.

Longarone Wants to be an open-air gelato parlour along the streets and places of the city. There will be several distribution points and laboratory, one of which gluten-free.

The programme of the event is:

Saturday, 6th

At 19.30 the show cooking of Marco Valletta at Centro Culturale.

Sunday, 7th

From 10.00 fourteen gelato parlour with fruit carving by Marco Zanette and several activities for kids made by Gruppo Artisti Longaronesi.

Moreover with taste ticket it is possible to help Welfare Found of Belluno Province in aid of people damaged by Vaia Storm.


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