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The GELATOn the ROAD project aims to create the first European Road of Gelato (Erog), focusing on energy and environmental sustainability, product and raw material quality, innovation in the artisan gelato supply chain system, and the culture and enhancement of the territory. Gelato, a beloved product enjoyed by people of all ages, serves as an […]

Digitour questionnaire: help us to understand your needs!

The European project DIGITOUR of which Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is the Italian partner together with the Venetian Cluster, will provide € 50,000 of direct European funding in the form of vouchers to companies in the area, to give technical support, ongoing assessment, and free tutoring in the development of your digital business project. The first […]

Professionals students and companies at Ri-Costruire Virtual 2022 – EU Industry Days

In his greetings, “The Ri-Costruire exhibition,” explains the president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati, “is an opportunity not to promote further cementing, but to promote reconstruction, renovation, and the use of renewable energy and sustainable materials. The building sector, in fact, is fully involved and requires, as Giancarlo Caratti emphasised yesterday, close cooperation […]

DIGITOUR project will provide financial and non-financial support to at least 138 tourism enterprises from 12 countries

Today, 25th February 2022, in the frame of a press conference held in the head office Venetian Cluster in Via Roma 291, 30038 Spinea (VE), in the presence of international cluster organisations, local and regional media, Gian Angelo Bellati, the president of Venetian Cluster and outlined the main objectives of DIGITOUR project “Boosting the tourism […]

Green and Digital Transition in manufacturing at Ri-Costruire 2022 with EU Industry Weeks

Longarone Fiere Dolomiti President Gian Angelo Bellati welcomed the event, emphasising that “the exhibition dedicated to the world of construction and sustainability has not been cancelled but only postponed to April because of the pandemic situation”. Bellati went on to point out that “the initiative launched by the European Commission is intended to help the […]


This year Ri-Costruire Virtual wants to be much more than a virtual exhibition, but a real showcase for companies and professionals. In anticipation of the trade fair to be held in April, from Friday 8 to Sunday 10, Longarone Fiere Dolomiti will be hosting an event that is part of the European context of the […]

DIGITOUR: the european project

Boosting the tourism sector in Europe through digital tools and innovation Problems addressed The tourism sector is among the most important and fast-growing economies in Europe, with a pivotal role in the development of territories, also in connection with other economic sectors, such as transports, and the cultural and creative industries. Today, the tourism economy […]

Life Vaia: the european project

Valuing Afforestation of damaged woods with Innovative Agroforestry Vaia is the name given to the storm that affected north-eastern Italy (almost essentially the mountainous area of the Dolomites and Venetian Prealps) following a strong disturbance of Atlantic origin, and that brought very strong winds and persistent rains to the region, starting from 26 October  until […]

Boosting the tourism sector in Europe through digital tools and innovation – DIGITOUR

Today, 20th December 2021, Longarone Fiere Dolomiti together with 10 partnering organisations in total, representing 8 European countries, have entered into consortium agreement, based on the signed Grand Agreement, accepting to participate in the project “Boosting the tourism sector in Europe through digital tools and innovation – DIGITOUR (101038133)”, funded through The Executive Agency for […]