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The Mountain Expo Centre

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet.” (William Blake)



The town of Longarone with its trade-fare centre is found in the Veneto region in the province of Belluno at the foot of the Dolomites mountains zone, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Its enviable location makes it the ideal trade-fair venue, at a convenient distance from the vibrant international tourism and business areas of Cortina, Venice and Verona.


Since the 1950s, political and economic representatives of the Belluno area have identified the town of Longarone as the appropriate venue for supporting and promoting the Belluno province’s ice cream sector companies in the nearby Cadore and Zoldo valleys.
These companies had the undisputed merit of developing and diffusing the value of making artisan gelato worldwide, and then of organising the first edition of Longarone’s “Ice Cream Exhibition” back in 1959.
It proved an immediate success, with large numbers of private and business visitors coming from all parts of north-eastern Italy and from Austria and Germany.


The disaster of the Vajont dam in 1963 was one of Italy’s most catastrophic events ever.
The tragedy highlighted the human value of a population that quickly found the courage and energy to react and rebuild a new future for themselves.
The success of the International Ice Cream Exhibition led Longarone Fiere Dolomiti to enact a development programme in recent years. Currently it holds 12 expos a year, exploiting a covered and well-equipped exhibition space of over 14,500 square metres, with an additional 5,000 sq.m outdoor area with a large adjacent parking facility.
Specific mountain-related trade fairs are held here such as the furniture show Arredamont, the mountain agriculture exhibition Agrimont, the building trade fair Ri-Costruire, and the hunting and fishing show Caccia, Pesca e Natura, where alpine hunting and fishing reserves are presented. Then there is EXPO Dolomiti with Dolomiti Show and the Mountain Tourism and Sports Fair, the Forestry Fair and Festival, Arte in Fiera Dolomiti, Reptiles Day and the International Cat Show.
The events organised by Longarone Fiere amount to over 40 opening days of the exhibition halls per year, with the participation of over 1,500 companies and almost 200,000 visitors from Italy and abroad.



The Longarone Fiere Dolomiti exhibition centre is a versatile and capacious venue offering flexibility, functionality and a variety of spaces to use for conferences, meetings, seminars, company meetings, courses, competitions and training activities, workshops and large and small congresses with varying capacities up to 1,000 seats in a single hall. As well as the large internal parking facility, the centre has state-of-the-art facilities, technology and services to ensure the successful outcome of all events.

  • 260 smq.

    Conference room: from 31 to 200 orchestra seats

  • 900 orchestra seats

    for congress inside the pavillions

  • 30 seats

    room for workshop



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